Learn and complete the Quran with proficiency

A complete Quran program for adults

30 sessions every month with 4+ open time slots every day

Daily support and messaging from teacher

Clearly put lessons made easy to navigate and keep track

Quizzes and tests that are beneficial and entertaining

About program

Our program helps adults learn the Quran step by step. We focus on correct recitation and Tajweed rules, and your teacher guides you through each lesson using our online platform.

Daily classes: Classes are available every day, offering flexibility with 4 open time slots. Read, recite, and receive corrections directly from your teacher.

Unlimted support: Get direct, personalized support from your teacher anytime through our messaging feature.

Tajweed lessons: Learn all the tajweed rules and how to use them while reciting Quran.

Organized plan: A clear roadmap that ensures progress and keeps you on track with effective and structured learning.

Quizzes: Reinforce your understanding and retention with engaging quizzes that solidify your memorization.

Audio Files: Listen and immerse yourself in the beautiful recitations, enhancing your learning experience.

Progress Tracking: Stay motivated as you track your progress, witnessing the incredible milestones along the way.

Become a member

To access our program, simply become a member. As a member, enjoy free classes, mentorship, coaching, and full access to all courses, including Tajweed, Tafseer, live events, and more, all included with your membership.

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Real people,
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Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what some of our happy students are saying.


Joining Alhuffadh has been the absolute best decision I’ve ever made! The organization is brilliant, the teachers are beyond amazing and truly inspiring. They’re not just there to listen to your Hifdh, but they genuinely act as teachers and advisors, guiding you to achieve your best self.


Quran Student

Since starting I have noticed a boost of confidence in my memorization journey. The teachers at Alhuffadh are dedicated and eager to help you find your strong suits that can benefit you in your Quran journey. Alhamdulilah thanks to Allah it’s been the best decision I made to be a student here.


Quran Student

It has been awesome. Both of my teachers have been very patient, personable, and helpful. They are always able to answer my questions Alhamdulillah. Jazakullah Kharyan, all of you guys are amazing Wallahi.


Quran Student

Alhuffadh has literally become my life coach with highly relatable and dependable spiritual teachers. I would highly recommend embarking on a Quran Journey with Alhuffadh for anyone who is seeking depth, guidance and understanding in their lives and their relationship with Allah. Thank you so much for being such an incredibly positive force in my life!


Quran Student

Completed the 60 day reading course: The classes were really informative, intriguing, and helped guide me to learn better. Thanks so much! I just signed up for the 2 year memorization course and can’t wait to keep learning In’shaa’Allah.


Quran Student

Alhuffadh is a blessing Alhamdulilah, especially for those who do not have access to a Quran program in person. It is a very well structured program that is also flexible. May Allah swt reward everyone who has made this possible.


Quran Student

Alhamdulillah, memorizing Quran with Alhuffath was a blessing. They helped me to fall in love with the Quran and they have a very good technique for memorization of Quran.


Quran Student

Everything you need in the student portal

Sign up today to gain exclusive access to a wealth of study materials and resources, all conveniently housed within our student portal. In addition to these valuable resources, our integrated messaging system allows you to connect with instructors fostering a supportive learning community. 

Personal Growth

Memorizing the Quran is not just about memorizing words but a transformative
process that nurtures your soul. As you immerse yourself in the verses, you’ll experience personal growth, deepening your spiritual connection and understanding.

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From Quranic memorization to Arabic proficiency,
we offer diverse learning opportunities for all levels.

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60 Day Reading Proficiency

The 60 day reading program is a complete course with lessons and full sessions with your teacher. With the course material and two complete classes a week, you go from A-Z in just 60 days. Your teacher will meet you at your level and offer constant guidance to ensure you meet your goal.