About Alhuffath 

Alhuffadh Qur’an Center est 2014




Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Alhuffadh Qur’an center is dedicated to helping students build a strong relationship with the word of Allah. Alhuffadh has been known for its one on one Qur’an classes In-person and online where students learn Arabic, reading, Tajweed, memorization, and Tafseer. Over the years we have developed and continue to strategize the best structures for our courses and teaching methods.

As of 2021, Alhuffadh has updated to a new platform that is the first of its kind. We know consistency is key to success, so we’ve made it our duty to provide constant assistance, mentorship, and guidance throughout the student’s Qur’an journey. With lots of support from our instructors, students are able to stay devoted to the book of Allah.

Alhuffadh is not just another online Quran program. We take learning online to the next level by providing a full program with access to a teacher who may listen to you at any time. Online classes are offered regularly with lessons, quizzes, and unique content that is easy to manage through an online portal. Along with the new Qur’an program.
We strive to make sure we are giving you the best opportunity to memorize the Qur’an!


What does “Alhuffadh” mean?

The word “Alhuffadh” has multiple meanings. When it relates to the Quran it means “The memorizers”. In general however, it can mean “the keepers”, “the guardians”, or “the protectors”. This term is often used to describe a person who has memorized the Qur’an as they are now keeping it in their hearts and memory. They are the people that Allah the almighty chooses to use in protecting the holy book and guarding his words. They are rewarded tremendously by Allah (SWT) and with this great honor, they become from those who are truly successful in this life and the life after.

How It Works

We are here to help you read, memorize, recite, learn tajweed, reflect on the verses of the Qur’an, stay consistent, and achieve your goals. Get started easily with 3 simple steps!


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Select the course you would like to begin with. We offer 3 different courses for different levels of Quranic enlightment.


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