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60 days with proficency

Go from not knowing a single letter of the Arabic language to reading the Qur’an


Join our comprehensive Quranic reading course and witness remarkable progress in your ability to read the Quran. Designed to take you from A to Z, our course utilizes simple yet highly effective methods to ensure your success. Whether you are starting from scratch or aiming to enhance your reading skills, our experienced teachers provide personalized one-on-one guidance, ensuring you maximize your learning potential. From mastering the basics to confidently reading any verse of the Quran, this course is your key to reading literacy. During the session with your instructor, you will learn:

Arabic reading

From the very first letter to seamlessly connecting words, reading verses, and progressing to sentences, paragraphs, and even complex passages – our comprehensive course will equip you with the skills to conquer each milestone. With the unwavering support and expertise of your dedicated teacher, you’ll navigate every step of the way. Gain confidence, fluency, and a deep understanding of the Quranic text as you progress through the course.

Tajweed rules

At Alhuffath, one of our most cherished activities is unveiling the simplicity of Tajweed to our students. We take immense delight in guiding our students through the learning process, teaching them the art of Tajweed and demonstrating how to seamlessly apply its rules while reciting.

Guidance and support

In our full classes, your teacher offers tips and guidance that will help the student improve with each class. The student will receive advice that will benefit them in their Quran journey long term.

Learn to read the Quran in only 60 days by scheduling 30 min classes with your teacher 5 days a week.



per week


Online Course

Guided Learning

“The classes were really informative, intriguing, and helped guide me to learn better.”

– Samira, Alhuffadh Student

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