Choose the right program for you 

We are here to help you read, memorize, recite, learn tajweed, reflect on the verses of the Qur’an, stay consistent, and achieve your goals. 

60 day reading
proficency program

Previous experience not required

For beginners aiming to learn Quranic reading

✓ 30 min private classes

✓ 60 day program

✓ 5 classes per week

✓ Unlimted teacher messaging

✓ Arabic reading

✓ Tajweed  Lessons

✓ Access to Tafseer classes

✓ PDF Student of the Quran book

Student of the
Quran Program

normally $249.45

Must know basic reading

Perfect for students looking to memorize and perfect recitation

✓ Self-paced learning

✓ Access to full Tajweed course

✓ Access to Tafseer classes

✓ Daily live teacher sessions

✓ Unlimted teacher messaging

✓ Access to custom memorization plan

✓ Progress Tracking

✓ Multiple choice quizzes

✓ PDF Student of the Quran book

✓ Full access to the entire platform


normally $320

Must have completed memorization of the Quran

The best opportunity for anyone looking to learn the 10 Qirat

✓ 4 classes per week

✓ Learning the 10 different styles of reciting the holy Qur’an

✓ Learn Tajweed differences between each recitation

✓ Examine the historical context surrounding each qirat

✓ Highlighting the miraculous nature of the Qur’an and it’s meaning

✓ Full access to the entire platform

Answers to Your Questions

Does the price change after the first month?

No, once you sign up with a discount it is yours as long as you’re a member

Do I pay for classes and courses separately?

No, you pay for the membership and recieve what’s included in it.

Where are the teachers from?

All our teachers studied in Egypt, graduates of Al-Azhar, have Ijazahs and high qualifications from Egypt.

Where are you located?

We are located in the USA, however we offer session times for international students as well.

Do I have to finish memorization of Quran in 2 years?

No, your teacher is there to help you adjust your plan as needed. Everyone’s journey is unique and we help you find the best system and schedule that works for you.