2022 Qur’an Competition  Surah Al-Imran

This Surah was carefully selected by our main Quran teachers to test and challenge your memorization and reading. The surah includes rulings, commandments, and instructions about the religious, cultural, and political life of Muslims. With many powerful verses that speak directly to your soul and many interesting deep meanings to discover; the surah includes lengthy verses that will drive you to read with tarteel.

Who is this for?

Any sister who signs up when registration is open! This is an invitation for anyone who would like to learn the surah and carry its verses with them throughout their life. This will be our 7th annual competition. Our contestants are always ready and we want you to know that this competition is not easy, but we want you to join.

When will this be?

December 29th 2022

Is there a prize?

Yes! Other than knowing the surah really well, there is a $500 dollar prize for the first place winner!

Is there a cost?

Not at all

Can I memorize with a teacher from Alhuffath?

Yes, you may sign up for the private classes or work with your teacher regularly through the free recitation sessions available.

Will I Recite in front of a crowd?

No. Just the judges.